Study Abroad Opportunities

Spend two weeks in May in Wroclaw, Poland examining intercultural interaction from a communication perspective.

Explore the world in-person during an unforgettable experience

Explore issues of ethnicity, culture, gender and social/economic class. Participate in a two-day conference with communication students and faculty from the University of Wroclaw. Experience a trip to Auschwitz, as well as museum tours including the National Museum, the Architectural Museum, and the Panorama.


Students who participate on this program enroll in the “Intercultural Communication” course for 3 credit hours.

Undergraduate students will enroll in: COMM-C 482
Graduate students will enroll in: COMM-C 582

For students who are Communication Studies majors, this course will fulfill a major requirement.

About Wroclaw

Wroclaw is Poland’s fourth-largest city and is a major cultural and educational center.

As many as 10 Nobel Prize winners were from Wroclaw.

There are around 50 dwarf statues dotted around the town, each representing a different aspect of Polish life and culture.

Program Administration

This program is administered by the Department of Communication Studies at the IU School of Liberal Arts in Indianapolis.

Adventuring Communication Scholar

Poland Program Scholarship

There is a scholarship opportunity available to those who qualify and submit an application by February 8th, 2024.  Note: Applying for the scholarship and applying to the Poland Program are two separate processes.

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Apply to Poland Program

Applications for the program usually open in November and are due in early February.

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