IUPUI Petronio Communication Privacy Management Dissertation Fellowship

The IUPUI Petronio Communication Privacy Management Dissertation Fellowship supports an annual fellowship to an outstanding doctoral student from a United States accredited university who has completed coursework and successfully defended a dissertation proposal that utilizes Communication Privacy Management (CPM) theory and research. The Fellowship may be used to support additional research and dissertation writing, critical stages in the dissertation process that are often difficult to fund through other means, which may include, but not be limited to, expenditures for travel, materials, or general activities related to the successful completion of a dissertation, which may also include a stipend paid to the fellow through the university where the fellow is pursuing their PhD. The recipient must present the results of their dissertation to IUPUI stakeholders that include faculty and students in the IUPUI Department of Communication Studies.

To apply for the IUPUI Petronio Communication Privacy Management Dissertation Fellowship, you must:
  • Be a Ph.D.candidate at an accredited graduate school in the U.S.
  • Have completed coursework and defended your dissertation proposal successfully
In accordance with Indiana University regulations, if your research will involve human subjects you will need to notify us of institutional research board (IRB) approval or any other IU requirements before we can release the funds.
All applicants are required to complete the IUPUI Petronio Communication Privacy Management Dissertation Fellowship Application Form no later than April 15. Required supporting documents to be attached to the application form:
  1. Current CV
  2. Unofficial transcript from the graduate school that will award the Ph.D. degree
  3. Summary of the dissertation project (not to exceed 7 double-spaced pages) including:
    1. brief description of the project
    2. main research questions/hypotheses to be addressed
    3. description of how the research is framed by CPM (e.g., how the research questions or hypotheses are guided by CPM,how CPM will guide the sensemaking process, methodological approach, and analysis of findings, and how the project will contribute to the literature and understanding of CPM processes)
    4. short review of relevant literature indicating how the research will build upon existing work in the field, or how the research will pioneer a neglected area
    5. description and justification of the methodology, data collection, and data analysis
    6. selected reference page no longer than 2 double-spaced pages (not included in the 7-page limit)
    7. timeline for completing the dissertation approved by the applicant’s dissertation director
    8. proposed budget detailing how the $10,000 award will be used
Application deadline: April 15

Letter of recommendation from dissertation director

A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s dissertation director is required to accompany the application. It must address the student’s timeline for achieving ABD status, how the student will employ CPM in the dissertation project, the student’s knowledge of CPM and ability to use the theory, and student’s ability to meet the proposed dissertation timeline is required. Dissertation directors can submit their letter of recommendation online or email to the selection committee chair at jjbute@iupui.edu. Letter of recommendation deadline: April 15 For questions about this application process, you may contact the committee chair at jjbute@iupui.edu.
The award will be announced by June 1.


Communication Privacy Management Center

The Communication Privacy Management Center is a resource center that provides a wide range of relevant, everyday life issues found in social media, health, family relationships, and organizational management. Teachers, researchers, students, faculty, and translational scholars can find resources, such as YouTube informational videos, that can be used in teaching to illustrate issues of privacy management, citations for research projects, and a network of potential research collaborative partners. Go to the Communication Privacy Management Center.