Employer Testimonials

Employers have a lot to say about the skills Communication Studies majors bring to the workplace

Luisa Macer“Graduates with a Communication Studies degree are able to help organizations effectively communicate messages across departments or to a broader outside audience. Graduates also identify any communication barriers and understand the importance of having diverse perspectives in each of their conversations. You are also the face of your brand, and how you effectively deliver a message demonstrates how you carry yourself in front of small or large audiences.”
– Luisa Macer, Community Outreach and Fan Engagement Manager
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, https://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/

Adam McGowen“The key skills that we would look for in a sales teammate is an effective communicator, organized, work independently, and can multitask/delegate effectively. Our biggest function is being an effective communicator to our external customer as well as the internal customer. We are the first line of communication with key contacts at large retailers you shop at every day.”
– Adam McGowen; Market Director, Sales
McLane Company, Inc.; mclaneco.com