Minor in Communication Studies

Enrich your education and add knowledge and value to yourself in the eyes of future employers.

Requirements for a Minor

  • 15 credit hours in Communication Studies
  • At least 9 of which must be taken at IUPUI
  • Six of which must be at the 300-400 level
  • Students must earn a C or higher in each course.
  • Only one course (three hours) may be used in more than one minor

Choose from a variety of specialized minors including Communication Studies, Corporate and Organizational Communication, Health Communication, Media Arts and Studies, Public Communication and Persuasion, and Theatre.

This a general minor for students wishing to design a minor specific to their needs by selecting from all the courses offered in the major. Requirements:
  • Required course: COMM C180 or COMM M150
  • 12 elective credit hours should be selected in consultation with, or approved by, a departmental mentor. The credit hours must be from at least two areas within the department curriculum (areas prefixed C, M, R, and T)
This minor is for students who want to improve their understanding and skills critical to the success of organizations. Requirements:
  • Required course: COMM C380
  • Elective courses: C108, C180, M210 , C223, C228, C316, R110, R320, R321, C325, C328, G391, C394, C481, C482, C499
This minor will empower students to improve their understanding and skills that would help them communicate as health advocates; educate communities about important health issues; design persuasive health messages; and advise healthcare organizations and providers how to communicate with patients, promote services, and relate with the public.
  • Required courses: COMM C180 or M150; C392 and C400
  • The remaining 6 hours should be elected from: M210, G310, R321, C322, C345, G391, C482
This minor is for students interested in media production and/or media aesthetics.
  • Required: COMM M150
  • Elective courses: M210, M215, M220, M221, M290, M370, G391, M461, M462, M463, M464, M465
This minor helps students develop the ability to evaluate critically the persuasive messages that shape our identities, influence our thought and actions, transform our communities, and create our culture.
  • Required: 12 credit hours of any COMM-R courses including R110
  • Elective course: Select a fifth COMMR class or select from the following classes to complete the 15 hours: M210, G391 (with department approval), G300 (with department approval)
This minor is for students who want to improve their knowledge and skills that would lay the basis for further study in acting, theatre directing, and playwriting.
  • Required COMM T130
  • 12 credit hours from the following:
    • Any COMM-T course
    • COMM G391 (with department approval)
    • COMM G300 (with department approval)
    • *COMM R110 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication) may not count for this minor.


How to enroll

If you would like to minor in Communication Studies, review the requirements above and select which minor you would like to pursue. Go to the online School of Liberal Arts Declaration Form to submit your request. Note: Minors and certificates will not appear on your degree unless you have completed the School of Liberal Arts Declaration Form AND have completed the required coursework with the required grades.