Concentration in Literature

Explore the rich history, culture, and canon of the literary world

With a major in Literature, you have the opportunity to study great works of poetry, fiction and drama on your way to pursuing a variety of possible careers. Our graduates have gone on to become professionals in business, education, entertainment, journalism, law, medicine, publishing, and public relations. If you are interested in a Literature Concentration, explore our course requirements below. These courses invite you to the world of Literature and inform your understanding of literary history, culture, and canon.

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Megan Musgrave
Director of the Literature Program
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Requirements: Major in Literature

You must take at least 15 hours of 300/400 level courses in the major. A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

Gateway Course (3 cr.)

  • ENG-L 202: Literary Interpretation

Concentration Core (18 cr.):

Critical and Historical Foundations—Britain (6 cr)

  • ENG-L 301: English Literature I and either:
  • ENG-L 302: English Literature II or
  • ENG-L 348: Nineteenth-Century British Fiction (ENG-L 348 may be taken in place of ENG-L 302, but not ENG- L 301)

Critical and Historical Foundations—US (6 cr)

  • ENG-L 351: American Literature I
  • ENG-L 352: American Literature II
  • ENG-L-354: American Literature III (ENG-L 357: Twentieth-Century American Poetry or ENG-L 358 Twentieth-Century American Fiction may be substituted for ENG-L 354)

Shakespeare (3 cr) Choose One:

  • ENG-L 220: Introduction to Shakespeare
  • ENG-L 315: Major Plays of Shakespeare

Diversity (3 cr) Choose One:

  • ENG-L 207: Women and Literature
  • ENG-L 364: Native American Literature
  • ENG-L 370: Black American Writing
  • ENG-L 378: Studies in Women and Literature
  • ENG-L 379: American Ethnic and Minority Literature
  • ENG-L 382: Fiction of the Non-Western World
  • ENG-L 406: Topics in African American Literature
  • ENG-L 411: Literature and Society: South African Literature

English Experience (9 cr.)

Language and Linguistics (3 cr) Choose one:

Bulletin also list ENG-Z 205: Introduction to the English Language

  • ENG-Z 206: Introduction to Language Use
  • ENG-Z 301: History of the English Language
  • ENG-Z 302: Understanding Language Structure: Syntax
  • ENG-Z 310: Language in Context: Sociolinguistics

Editing (3 cr) Choose one:

  • ENG-W 280: Literary Editing and Publishing
  • ENG-W 365: Theory and Practice of Editing

English Elective (3 cr)

In consultation with your advisor, choose one English course at the 200-level or above from classes outside of Literature.

Capstone Seminar (3 cr.) Choose one:

  • ENG-L 440: Senior Seminar
  • ENG-E 450: Capstone Seminar
  • ENG-L 433: Conversations with Shakespeare

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