The English Club

Welcoming everyone with a love of the English language

The English Club welcomes all students interested in all aspects of English at IU’s School of Liberal Arts. The purpose of the club is simple: to socialize and to share our love of English. We know English majors at IU seldom do anything beyond reading, writing, school, and work. Most of those activities are solitary practices. We’d like to get people with similar passions together to build relationships outside the classroom.

Joining the English Club will get you away from your laptops, desktops, and notepads and into the lives of your interesting classmates. Meetings and special events organized by the English Club aim to enrich experiences in English studies.

Events include:

  • book club meetings
  • film screenings
  • guest speakers
  • theater excursions
  • and community involvement.

For more information or to get involved, contact:

Carrie Sickmann
Faculty Advisor for English Club

You can also visit the Club’s Facebook page: