Why Study English?

Language matters. Reading matters. Writing matters. In a rapidly evolving world, the skills you need in daily life, in academia, and in the professional world are skills of communication and understanding.

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A rich history of literary legacy and a bright future

Located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana’s vibrant capital city, the Department of English in the IU School of Liberal Arts is your live connection to everything. From the literary legacies of Kurt Vonnegut and Mari Evans to exciting internships in the city’s businesses, its multicultural communities, and state and municipal governments, our department promises experience in abundance.

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Join our community of passionate students and faculty in discovering how language, reading, and writing shape our understanding, broaden our perspective, and change our world.

Career Readiness

An English major or minor at IU prepares you for long-term success in a wide variety of careers. Our graduates become writers, editors, business executives, administrators, attorneys, elected officials, and much more. Why? Because we focus on what counts. According to a 2018 study of business employers sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, oral communication, writing ability, teamwork skills with diverse groups, critical thinking and analytical reasoning, complex problem solving, and information literacy are among the top skills sought by employers.

With us, you’ll benefit from small class sizes and mentorship from invested faculty members. You’ll attain an Indiana University degree at an affordable cost, all while immersing yourself in the community and culture our Indianapolis campus offers.

Chloe Coy photoNot only are the English Department faculty and staff considerate of their students’ academic success, they are also intentional about creating an amazingly supportive environment and learning experience. They truly value their students’ inclusion, mental health, and personal and professional growth. Majoring in English has taught me how to think critically about the world, my place in it, and those who share it with me. — Chloe Coy ’21 BA English

Know Your Passion

Our department offers a broad range of options and activities. Here, you can study what most interests and excites you while preparing for the career you always wanted. With five concentrations and nine minors, the opportunities are boundless. Whether you’re interested in literary analysis or poetry writing, professional writing or linguistics, or anything in between, we have a place for you to express your passion. Internships, service learning, and capstone experiences give you valuable hands-on opportunities to grow your skills and deepen your understanding.

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Indiana’s Business and Cultural Hub

Today’s young professionals know that a degree isn’t the only thing that matters. Spending time among and working with professionals outside of the classroom is equally important. As part of the thriving community in Indianapolis, you’ll have complete access to the professional scene, internships, and community groups.

Working writers and panels of professionals present their advice on campus regularly and our esteemed faculty encourage sharing your work in the community at large. Becoming a part of the Indy scene gives you the experience and edge you need to pursue and fulfill your goals.

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Chair of the English Department
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