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Posted on October 19th, 2023 in Blog by Sydney Bielefeld

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By Mary Ann Cohen

On Tuesday, September 26, the English Department and the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI came together to host a career panel titled “Finding the Write Career.” The event brought together six panelists who shared their personal journeys and experiences on how they have successfully channeled their passion for language and writing into rewarding graduate opportunities and careers. The panel featured insightful advice on navigating the job market, the importance of aligning personal values with career choices, and how strong writing skills, honed through liberal arts courses, are a significant asset in today’s workforce.

One recurring theme that resonated with the 16 students and instructors in attendance was the idea of seeking and seizing opportunities. The panelists stressed the importance of being proactive and willing to take chances in the professional world. It was emphasized that while there might be uncertainties along the way, these challenges can lead to personal and career growth.

During the discussion, the panelists shared profound insights into the job interview process. One quote that left a lasting impact was, “You are interviewing them as you are being interviewed.” This quote underscored the reciprocal nature of the interview experience, highlighting the importance of finding a cultural fit between a writer and their potential employer. The interview process was likened to a personality test, emphasizing the significance of feeling comfortable and aligned with the culture of the organization.

The panelists and instructors pointed out that individuals with strong writing skills are often the ones who advance in their careers. They emphasized that the critical reading, writing, thinking, and analytic skills developed in liberal arts courses are instrumental in helping graduates succeed in a variety of career paths. These skills, along with the ability to collaborate effectively with others, were identified as key attributes that can help individuals excel in the workforce. Having an English major or minor was highlighted as evidence of these valuable communication skills.

The panelists also stressed the importance of getting involved in extracurricular activities and taking advantage of the resources available on campus. They specifically mentioned participation in initiatives like Genesis and internships as excellent ways to gain practical experience and build a strong network of contacts. This active involvement in campus life can provide students with invaluable real-world experience and enhance their resumes.

The “Finding the Write Career” panel organized by the English Department and the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI offered students and instructors alike a wealth of insights into building a successful career that aligns with one’s passion for writing and language. The event emphasized the need for aspiring professionals to be proactive in seeking opportunities, finding a cultural fit in potential employers, and honing strong writing skills through their liberal arts education. By highlighting the importance of these skills and advocating for active campus involvement, the panelists provided a valuable roadmap for students to follow as they embark on their own career journeys.

If interested, please review the event’s Zoom recording as it is a valuable resource for all students.

Event Zoom Recording

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