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Posted on January 13th, 2021 in News Reporting by Emily Turnier
Image of Chris Lamb for blog post

Department chair Dr. Chris Lamb

Dr. Chris Lamb, chair of the Department of Journalism and Public Relations, will teach a Spring 2021 course called Media Literacy (JOUR-J 460). The aim of the class is to help students distinguish between “fake” news and “real” news; deconstruct the news media to better understand how news is defined, created, and disseminated; become media-literate; think more strongly about the media as they relate to citizenship and democracy; and more.

The course is open to all IUPUI juniors and seniors, regardless of major. The three-credit course will take place from noon to 1:15 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in a hybrid format.

News at IUPUI recently interviewed Lamb about the course. He addressed the concept of “fake news,” among other related topics:

“Credible journalism exists because journalists and editors follow certain standards, routines and practices to get at the truth,” Lamb said. “They engage in reporting and research and identify the sources of their information. Facts require hard work. Making up stuff doesn’t. Real news is necessary for a democracy; fake news is toxic to a democracy.”

Read more of the Q&A here.

Students are encouraged to contact Lamb at with questions about the course.