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Posted on April 21st, 2023 in Alumni, Alumni Spotlight, Blog, Public Relations Jobs, Social Media Jobs by Emily Turnier
Morgan Eastling
Alumna Morgan Eastling

Morgan Eastling, B.A.J. ’22, is Digital Media Manager at Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity National Headquarters. A year after her graduation, we asked her about her career journey so far:

1. What are your typical day to day duties? What is your typical schedule?
“Being responsible for the digital needs of the fraternity, my day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on the time of year. My main focus is managing the fraternity’s social media presence, which includes creating content, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers. Another important aspect of my role is writing the fraternity’s biannual magazine, which involves conducting interviews and writing articles. This semester, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several campuses to capture content, with plans to promote the fraternity and its events on our digital platforms.

My schedule is dependent on the time of year and the activities that the fraternity has planned. During the summer, I attend our annual awards conference, which is different compared to a typical school semester, where I am either in office or on-site at college campuses.”

2. What are some fun things you get to do with this job? What project, assignment, or task has been your favorite so far?
“One of my favorite aspects about my position is the ability to travel to other universities. Each campus has its own unique atmosphere and energy, and I love being able to experience that. Up to this point, my favorite assignment has been traveling to Georgia to the Parents’ Day event, hosted by Mercer’s ATO Chapter. That particular event was my favorite simply because I enjoyed talking with parents on how they can see the positive impact ATO brings in their son’s life.”

3. What do you find challenging about your job?
“An aspect of my job that can be challenging is ensuring that we are staying up to date on current trends. You find that often while working in social media marketing, jumping on trends quickly will help increase engagement and reach.”

4. What are some classes that you took at IUPUI that have helped you with your current job?
“One of the most enriching parts about being a graduate from the IUPUI Department of Journalism and Public Relations would be how deeply the professors care about the success of their students. Each professor is an expert in their field and is dedicated to helping their students succeed in their academic and professional careers.

It was the collection of every class, every assignment, and every professor that helped me with my current role today.”

5. What advice do you have for students who want to pursue a career in public relations/communications?
“My best piece of advice to any current student who wants to pursue a career in PR/communications is to put yourself out there. When I was a junior searching for an internship, I emailed several communication departments looking for opportunities, and was able to land my role with Alpha Tau Omega before the application even went live. The beauty of being located in the heart of Indianapolis is that the city offers several internships. Taking initiative in your future and being proactive is the best thing you can do for yourself!”

You can connect with Eastling on her LinkedIn page.