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Posted on May 2nd, 2023 in Alumni, Alumni Spotlight, Blog, Internships, Public Relations Jobs by Emily Turnier
Picture of Sarah Lounsbury
Graduate student Sarah Lounsbury

IUPUI Journalism graduate student Sarah Lounsbury, B.A.J. ’22, recently learned she has been accepted into the Postgraduate Internship Program at the NCAA national office in Indianapolis. Lounsbury, a member of the IUPUI women’s tennis team, will graduate with her Master’s in Sports Journalism degree this month and start the yearlong program in June. We asked Lounsbury about this exciting next step in her career journey.

1. Why did you decide to apply for the program? How did you hear about it?

“I decided to apply for the Postgraduate Internship Program at the NCAA after learning from Professor Malcolm Moran about the opportunity. I didn’t know much about the program or that applications were even open until Malcolm mentioned it to me. Once I learned more, I felt that the program would be a great way for me to break into the sports industry, learn valuable skills, and expand my sports network. Plus, I have wanted to work in sports since I was a freshman in college so it was a no-brainer for me to at least apply and see where it goes.”

2. Why do you think you landed this internship?

“I think I landed this internship because of my experience as an NCAA student-athlete as well as my experience as PRSSA President, a journalist at the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup in Australia, and my master’s level education. I think these factors really set me a part as someone who is passionate, skilled, and ready for the next step in a sports career.”

3. What kinds of tasks will you be doing at the internship?

“A big part of my role will be building relationships with reporters and members of the media. I will act as the main point of contact for student-athletes, respond to media inquiries from local, regional and national media sources, as well as act as an additional point of contact for the media at the Division I Women’s Basketball Championships. In addition, I will use my writing skills to create press releases, statements, announcements, and news stories.”

4. Are you glad that you will be able to stay in Indianapolis?

“I have mixed feelings about staying in Indy. Although I love the relationships I’ve built in Indy and I’ve developed a love for the city, I am yearning for warmer weather. I would love to move out of Indy at some point to a place that has more mild weather!”

5. Do you feel that your undergrad and graduate education at IUPUI helped you land this internship? Do you think your education will help you succeed at this internship? 

“My undergrad and graduate education at IUPUI was crucial to me landing this internship. The opportunities that have been presented to me throughout the last five years are unmatched and that really showed during the interview process with the NCAA. From real-world projects I’ve done for my classes to Australia to PRSSA, I had so many talking points to bring up in my interview that I felt made me a clear choice for the job. Those experiences were all made possible through the Department of Journalism and PR at IUPUI. I feel that the IUPUI faculty and staff have provided me with all the tools and experiences necessary for me to be a successful sports communications professional.”

You can learn about the Postgraduate Internship Program on the NCAA website