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Posted on July 18th, 2023 in Blog, Broadcasting, Internships, News Reporting, Student Spotlight, Students by Emma Lewis
Senior Jadin Reeves films a TV news broadcast in Indianapolis
IUPUI senior Jadin Reeves

By Emma Lewis

Senior journalism major Jadin Reeves is spending her summer shooting video, conducting interviews, practicing scriptwriting, and immersing herself in a newsroom as a reporting intern for WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis.

Each internship day, Reeves works alongside a full-time reporter creating her own version of the story the reporter is working on that day. Throughout the process, the reporter gives Reeves advice on producing a package (TV news report). As an intern, her packages don’t make it on the air, but creating them sharpens her storytelling skills and adds work samples to her demo reel.

“It helps me to work as if I was a reporter, pretending that the deadlines are my own,” said Reeves. “It is challenging but rewarding knowing that I am growing in my craft.”

The internship is an important step in reaching her goal of becoming a TV news reporter. 

“Getting to create a news package each day is tremendously helpful, as I am a young journalist trying to build my portfolio,” she said.

Reeves spends each morning searching for story ideas for the station’s morning meeting. At the meeting, the reporters, producers, and news directors discuss what is happening that day and the reporters pitch stories they want to cover. (Interns aren’t required to pitch ideas but are encouraged to do so.) Lastly, the reporters receive their assignments, and Reeves chooses the journalist she wants to tag along with that day. 

“Each reporter has different experiences and gives me different insightful pointers,” said Reeves. “That is one of the best things I am going to take away from this internship – all of their small, yet important advice.”

After Reeves and the reporter she’s shadowing that day go out to the field and film interviews, standups, and B-Roll (video to supplement the story), they go back to the station to compile the story. At this point, Reeves writes her own script for her package and a news director or producer approves it. 

“This helps me with writing for broadcast,” she said. “I’m learning to keep it short, snappy, and straight to the point. I have already seen improvements in my writing, and I am excited to see the growth continue.” 

In addition to honing her craft in broadcast writing, Reeves’ goals for the internship include completing a full demo reel and practicing creative stand-ups. 

“Mastering all of this would put me in a great spot to start applying to jobs next spring,” she said. “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work as an intern at WISH-TV.”

Although her internship keeps her busy, Reeves is also making plans for the upcoming academic year – her last year at IUPUI. She and fellow IUPUI student Hery Acosta are starting a group called Jag-TV, which will be an additional outlet of The Campus Citizen, IUPUI’s current student news organization. 

This will be a great way for students interested in broadcasting to gain experience in the TV news field, create packages, and gain footage for their demo reels and portfolios, so that they can apply to broadcast positions,” she said.

Reeves says that although television news is a competitive industry, she encourages other students to not be intimidated. 

What got me my internship was not being afraid to be ambitious, networking with stations around me, and putting in extra work outside of my classes to gain experience,” she said.

“Reach out to reporters and stations for job shadow opportunities, internships, or other ways to gain experience. Finding contact information online or through social media or attending broadcasting and journalism job fairs are all ways you can score an internship by simply reaching out.”

You can connect with Reeves on LinkedIn and on Instagram (@jadinreeves). You can learn more about Jag-TV on Instagram (@iupuijagtv).