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Posted on August 30th, 2021 in Campus Citizen, Students by Emily Turnier
Picture of Junior Katie Wiseman for blog post
IUPUI Journalism junior Katie Wiseman

The staff of IUPUI’s student-run online newspaper, The Campus Citizen, is preparing to publish articles, photos, reviews, and more during the 2021-2022 academic year. Last year’s co-editors, Skye Aitken and Nicole Reitz, will continue to helm the publication. Junior journalism major Katie Wiseman has been named campus section editor.

Reitz said that Wiseman will bring brilliant ideas to the website.

“I knew Katie would be the perfect fit as an editor of this section because she is not only a fantastic writer, but she also has the drive to grow the newspaper,” Reitz said.

Wiseman told us about her experience with The Campus Citizen so far and her plans for this year:

“I started writing for The Campus Citizen last semester. After surviving my first full school year in a virtual setting, I finally felt ready to dive into working with the school newspaper. Due to the smaller size of our staff in a virtual newsroom, I was able to start taking on more responsibilities right away.

I started by picking up stories to write and then pitched ideas for improving the social media content for the newspaper. I worked on designs to best showcase our stories on Instagram and I hope to continue improving our graphics, pictures, and social media content this year. I hope to find other students with a passion for digital media to contribute as well.

Even though I’ve only been involved with The Campus Citizen for a short time, I’m already excited to get to work on expanding the paper and bringing some new marketing ideas to the table. I hope to increase our staff and make students and faculty more aware that our publication exists and is accessible to them.

I think there’s something every student could gain from being a staff member, not just journalism and public relations students. I encourage students to get involved and contribute content to spark conversations in our campus community.”

The Campus Citizen has staff positions for those interested in a variety of topics, such as web design, advertising, videography, and more. Want to join The Campus Citizen? Learn more.