Academic Advising

Helping you make big decisions for big aspirations

An advisor serves a consulting and mentoring role to help you make decisions. Your advisor can help you choose courses that best suit your aspirations and help you make decisions about possible careers. Your advisor often serves as an academic guide, helping you to identify ways to improve your performance, and they offer guidance on requirements for your major and within the School of Liberal Arts. Ultimately, however, you are responsible for making sure that you have met all your graduation requirements.

Faculty Mentors

Our faculty mentors care about your professional success as well as your personal well-being. As professional sociologists themselves, they understand the discipline and its advantages well. From practical concerns to career goals and questions, your advisor is here to listen, brainstorm, and assist.

We encourage you to take advantage of all advising opportunities throughout your time in the program, and beyond.

How can your academic advisor help you?

  • Identify your academic and career goals
  • Create an academic plan tailored to your goals
  • Select and enroll in appropriate classes
  • Manage your course load
  • Meet your degree requirements
  • Tap into IUPUI resources and support
  • Understand academic policies and procedures
  • Learn to use available academic tools
  • Apply for internships and fellowships
  • Explore career options
  • Apply for jobs
  • Prepare for graduation

Advisor names, contact information, and positions

Undergraduate Sociology Faculty Mentor
Dr. Carly Schall
Cavanaugh Hall, Room 303

(317) 274-3669

Undergraduate Medical Sociology Faculty Mentor
Dr. Kenzie Mintus
Cavanaugh Hall, Room 303
(317) 278-5204

Graduate Advisor
Dr. Kenzie Mintus
Cavanaugh Hall, Room 303
(317) 278-5204

Academic Advisor
Shannon Kelley
Cavanaugh Hall, Room 401

General School of Liberal Arts: If you have questions about general (non-major) requirements, please contact the Office of Student Affairs (Cavanaugh Hall 441; 317-274-1103 or email

Schedule an advising appointment

Meet with Shannon Kelley (, your academic advisor, at least once each semester to review your academic plan and identify appropriate course options for the next semester.

Tools for success

Check the degree map to learn how to complete your degree on time.

Check your progress in an Academic Advisement Report to determine what courses you still need to graduate.