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Posted on May 4th, 2023 in Blog, Student Spotlight, Students by Emily Turnier
Senior Camryn Daniels
Senior Camryn Daniels

Senior Camryn Daniels has been chosen as this year’s Academic Achievement Award recipient for the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. The department bases its selection of the recipient based on demonstrated excellence in the field, outstanding contributions to the department, achievement of a superior grade point average, and recommendation of the faculty.

Daniels is majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations, seeking a certificate in Museum Studies, and completing a minor in Global and International Studies.

“We’re so fortunate to have students like Camryn,” said department chair Chris Lamb. “She has excelled in all she’s done as a student here. The department is proud to present her with this award.”

At IUPUI, Daniels has worked towards her goal of obtaining a career at the intersection of public relations and museums. She spent time visiting museums and soaking up the culture while studying abroad in Italy in Spring 2022. Currently, she is completing a PR/marketing internship at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.

Daniels has also served as a Digital Jag (social media manager) for the School of Liberal Arts, and as a social media ambassador for the Department of Journalism and Public Relations. She is also a member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA).

“I was so surprised when I saw that I won this award and I’m so honored,” Daniels said. “I love being able to be so active in my department and my school, and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to be recognized like this. This award shows me that I’m doing something right.”

The department’s scholarship committee also awarded scholarships to four undergraduates for next academic year:

Patrick McKeand Scholarship

Picture of Justin Haberstroh

Junior Justin Haberstroh

Justin Haberstroh, Junior
The Patrick McKeand Scholarship supports undergraduate journalism students who serve as the editor-in-chief of IUPUI’s independent-run student media outlet, the Campus Citizen. Haberstroh is sports editor of the Citizen and will take over as editor next academic year.

Haberstroh has also gained professional skills as a communications intern with IU Health; a photographer for IUPUI Athletics; and a social media ambassador for the Department of Journalism and Public Relations.

“[Receiving this scholarship] means a lot,” he said. “It really shows how much faith the Journalism and PR department has in me and how they have seen the impact of the things I have done at The Campus Citizen. I have had such an amazing time at IUPUI and the Journalism and PR department has been a huge part of the IUPUI experience for me.”

James W. Brown Scholarship

Picture of Ashley Wilson

Sophomore Ashley Wilson

Ashley Wilson, Sophomore
This scholarship honors retired Executive Associate Dean James W. Brown and is awarded to a student who is actively involved in campus journalism activities and organizations. Wilson, a double major in Creative Writing and Journalism, writes and takes pictures for the Campus Citizen.

“I feel so thankful to have received the James W. Brown scholarship,” Wilson said. “I have really enjoyed my time in the Journalism and PR department at IUPUI and have learned so much. As the upcoming campus editor for The Campus Citizen, I look forward to continuing to highlight the importance of student journalism on our campus.”

Wilson has also been working as a content intern for the Division of Undergraduate Education at IUPUI since December 2021.

M. William Luthotlz Scholarship

Picture of Kamya Williams

Freshman Kamya Williams

Kamya Williams, Freshman
This scholarship was established in memory of Bill Lutholtz, a respected Indianapolis journalist and public relations professional and an IUPUI journalism and communications instructor.

Williams is already making her mark on the professional world – and at IUPUI. Her first month on campus, she founded a student organization called InspireMe Fit, which promotes living a healthy lifestyle. She is also involved with several other campus groups, including the Black Student UnionDEAP, and THRIVE. She recently won the Black Student Union Miss Black and Red pageant.

Williams has been interning at the Indianapolis Recorder newspaper for seven months. “I became a published journalist through the Indianapolis Recorder at the age of 18,” Williams said. “I was their first freshman intern.”

After graduation, Williams plans to become a news anchor.

“I want little girls and boys who look like me to see representation in an extremely underrepresented community,” she said.

“The Journalism and PR department at IUPUI has continually fed into my future endeavors and allowed me to make my dreams into a reality,” she continued. “I always feel like I have a safe space in the Journalism and PR department. It’s a place I’ll forever call home!”

Society of Professional Journalists/Bettie Cadou Scholarship

Picture of Jadin Reeves

Junior Jadin Reeves

Jadin Reeves, Junior
This scholarship honors the memory of Bettie Cadou, an award-winning writer and photographer and a former adjunct faculty member in journalism at IUPUI.

Reeves has worked to gain experience in her chosen field of broadcast journalism. She has experience in video editing and podcast production, and she has worked on Jag Sports Zone, IUPUI’s weekly sports broadcast.

“This award has been such a boost of ambition for me,” Reeves said. “I am honored to get to utilize this award to motivate me to finish my final year at IUPUI strong and continue to work towards my goals.”

Reeves also co-founded the campus organization JagTV, a student-run television station that will soon launch. Additionally, she has worked as a social media coordinator for IUPUI Campus Recreation – posting content five days a week – and will be a reporting intern at WISH-TV this summer.

“I am so thankful to all the excellent journalism professors that I have had the opportunity to learn from over the past few years,” she said. “A big thank you to Jon Greenhoe for being a great mentor and role model for journalism and television production students here at IUPUI. As well as Chris Lamb for pushing me beyond my limits in my writing and being a fantastic resource for students. This department has opened me up to many opportunities and I have enjoyed every moment. I am looking forward to my last year here at IUPUI!”

To learn more about Department of Journalism and Public Relations scholarships, visit the Scholarships and Awards page. Applications are due Feb. 1 of each year.