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Posted on June 14th, 2023 by chall7


My name is Henderson Eurresta and I’m from Venezuela. I came here with my wife almost five years ago in August 2018. We arrived in Miami, Florida but after one month we decided to move to Bloomington, Indiana. We wanted to incorporate ourselves into American society and the best way to do so is speaking English. After three years of intensive English practice through a private tutor and community college, I felt that my English study needed something else. Through help from my tutor I found, if you ask me, the best school I ever visited, the Program of Intensive English (PIE) at IUPUI.

The PIE program is the best place not just to study, they also provide you with tools which you as individuals need to pursue your future goals. In my case, my goal is to go back to my area of expertise, Accounting.  I took two (2) sessions of English, Level 6 and Level 7. While I was studying at PIE, I started feeling what I was looking for, confidence and improvement of my English. PIE has a wonderful staff that always is looking to do their best, and when I say “the best” I mean not just for classes, they take care of you as a person and become your family. Personally, I started at PIE looking to improve my English, but the university and my teachers awakened in me the desire to keep learning and try the best of myself. 

While I was finishing my level 7 classes, PIE introduced me to the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program, which I need to take to achieve my goal of becoming a CPA in the United States. Thanks to having approved my classes at PIE, I entered the program at the Kelley School of Business. Recently, I received a great offer to work in Indianapolis as a staff accountant and all of this couldn’t be possible without the PIE program, my tutor, my professors, and family for help and support. 

This is the proof that all dreams come true if you fight for them. -Henderson Eurresta