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Posted on July 21st, 2023 by chall7


“Arriving in the United States to pursue my studies was undoubtedly one of the most challenging steps I have taken in my life. Being away from my family for an extended period was a daunting prospect. The initial days were overwhelming as I grappled with the language and culture, which differed greatly from what I was accustomed to. However, within a month of arriving, I embarked on my remarkable journey with PIE and IUPUI, where I was warmly welcomed by a diverse community that eased my anxieties.

The experience of taking a placement test was made less nerve-wracking by the friendly and supportive atmosphere at PIE. It was my first encounter with such a multicultural environment, and the diversity was awe-inspiring. Throughout my time at PIE, I cherished the opportunity to make lifelong friends, delve into U.S. culture, and explore the customs and traditions of various countries across the globe. The classroom environment fostered not just traditional coursework but meaningful knowledge exchanges. The teachers played an instrumental role in nurturing a supportive and positive learning environment.

When the time came for me to apply for a master’s program at IUPUI, I found unwavering support from everyone at PIE, including the teachers, administrators, and my classmates. Carrie, in particular, guided me in navigating the application process, while Jordan helped me craft a compelling personal statement. Their assistance made the process significantly smoother, and I was overjoyed to receive admission into the Economics department. The happiness and pride exhibited by everyone, including Kate’s heartfelt message of congratulations, further validated my achievement:

“I heard the fantastic news of your admission to IUPUI! Congratulations!
Your future is bright, and I am incredibly proud of you.”

Equipped with the skills acquired at PIE, I successfully completed my first academic year, and along the way, I actively engaged in various student organizations, such as the Graduate Liberal Arts Student Council and the Economics Club. Additionally, I held multiple on-campus positions and was honored to be selected as a graduate mentor for the International Peer Mentor Program (IPMP) at the Office of International Admission. Moreover, my commitment to community service led me to take on the role of DAT Trainee Lead at the Red Cross.

Reflecting on my personal journey during and after PIE, I am grateful for the transformative experience that has shaped me into the person I am today. PIE not only provided me with a solid academic foundation but also fostered a sense of belonging and encouraged me to embrace diversity. As I continue to pursue my dreams, I am confident that the skills, support, and friendships nurtured at PIE will propel me to achieve great things in the future.”