Partner Programs

Friends of Fulbright-Argentina Undergraduate Student Exchange Program

Since 2018, PIE and IUPUI have been providing top-tier undergraduate students from Argentina with opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of the U.S. educational system, learn more about and prepare for the possibilities for graduate study in the U.S., interact and network with American students, and gain a deeper understanding of American culture and society.  Students in a wide range of majors have had the opportunity to audit a university course during this seven-week program.  In addition, students have joined advanced IUPUI undergraduate students in upper-division courses taught by award-winning professors in the IU School of Liberal Arts, as well as to take a course focused on advanced, graduate-level academic English skills. Students have gained a deeper understanding of U.S. culture and society through homestays, opportunities to interact with IUPUI students in school clubs and activities, and participation in planned university and community activities.

Tsuda University Women in Leadership Program

For over 25 years, IUPUI has partnered with Japan’s Tsuda University to offer a three-week summer culture and language immersion programThe overall goal of this program is to explore important issues about women in leadership while building participants’ confidence in written and oral English  communication for different academic, social, and professional situations. During the program, participants take daily classes focused on improving oral fluency, effectiveness, and comfort in English speaking and writing inside and outside the classroom. In addition, women leaders in the Indianapolis community are invited to class to share their experiences in leadership with the participantsThe program also  includes two workshops through which participants will receive guidance in skills related to American academic and business culture, including professional e-mail etiquette and oral interviewing. Participants also spend two nights in Chicago, Illinois, taking in the sights and sounds of one of the Midwest’s most exciting cities!

Hakuoh University English Language and Culture Program

For over 15 years, IUPUI has partnered with Hakuoh University in Oyama, Japan, to bring participants to IUPUI for a two-week summer language and culture immersion program. During their time in Indianapolis, participants build their confidence in written and spoken English, learn more about American culture through living with homestay families and participating in daily afternoon field trips, and attend a thrilling Indianapolis Indians baseball game! Through the diverse communicative experiences in and out of the classroom, participants improve fluency, effectiveness, and comfort in English communication along with building skills to become more self-confident and effective intercultural communicators in the future. 

Sun Yat-Sen University English Language and Culture Program

In 2019, the Program for Intensive English was proud to partner with Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China to bring a cohort of top-tier undergraduate students to IUPUI for a four-week summer language and culture immersion program. Participants in this program enriched their knowledge of American culture by living with Indianapolis homestay families and participating in daily field trips around Indianapolis, including a day spent at the Indiana State Fair. In the classroom, participants were challenged to develop their skills in English reading and writing, listening and speaking, and intercultural competence. Participants also spent two nights in Chicago, Illinois.