International F-1 Students

The Program for Intensive English accepts International Students from around the world, who are interested in studying English in the United States.

To come to the U.S. with an F-1 visa, you must first be admitted to our program.
Then we will send you a form I-20.
With the form I-20, you can register with the U.S. government division called SEVIS and schedule a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy in your country.
We will provide instructions on how to do this upon admission.
You should apply to PIE at least 3 months before you want to start studying.

Levels at PIE

The PIE has seven levels of English, from beginner to advanced academic English. Students take a placement test on the first day of orientation to find out their starting level.

Cost of PIE

Tuition is $2,850 for each session (two months). Students who are not sponsored by their government also pay a ~$50 international student fee and must have and pay for university health insurance, averaging ~$300 per session. You do not have to pay any tuition before you start.

Requirements for Admission

A valid Passport, Bank Statement, and Sponsor Form should be added to your application. There is a $150 application fee, which you can pay by debit or credit card at the end of the application.

Important F-1 Regulations to Remember

F-1 students are required to enroll full time, and maintain full time enrollment throughout their time in the U.S. F-1 students are not permitted to miss more than 25 hours per session at PIE, or they will lose their legal status in the United States. F-1 students are allowed to have a part-time job on campus but cannot work outside of the University. We will go over all requirements for F-1 students during orientation.