Study English at PIE!

Studying at the Program for Intensive English (PIE)

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The Program for Intensive English offers English classes for International students and residents of Indiana.
The PIE has 7 different levels from beginner to advanced academic.
We will give you a placement test during orientation to determine your level.

PIE has 6 sessions per year, with start dates in January, March, May, June, August, October, and December.
Students can start at the beginning of any session. You can see our session dates here.

Most students complete one level in one session (two months) if they study full-time and work hard.

  • Level 1 = General English 1
  • Level 2 = General English 2
  • Level 3 = General English 3
  • Level 4 = Academic English 1
  • Level 5 = Academic English 2
  • Level 6 = Advanced & Academic English 1
  • Level 7 = Advanced & Academic English 2

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