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Posted on May 8th, 2020 in Blog by jch12

Fadi Alzahrani
Saudi Arabia

I’ve been studying English at PIE for 8 months now. I’ve had an amazing journey with the PIE teachers at IUPUI. The program was designed in a way that is both compelling and informative at the same time. The program has many hands-on learning strategies that I enjoyed working on with my classmates. The program offers many activities for the students. For example, there is the conversation partner program where an international student gets to meet a native speaker and chat together. There is also the tutoring program where native speakers help the students with anything about classes, and much more! The best thing about those programs is that they’re all for free! At PIE, I’ve met many international students from all around the world! I’ve met students from China, Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Korea, and many more countries. I became friends with some of them, and we hung out on the weekends around the city. The teachers at PIE are one of the most amazing teachers at IUPUI. Their classes are motivating, enjoyable, and interactive. My academic English improved greatly compared to when I was at other ESL institutions. After PIE, I’m planning to go to Purdue University for Cybersecurity. I’ll be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this major. I also plan to take a masters and a Ph.D. in the same major. I think I’m well prepared to go to university because my English level is appropriate, thanks to the PIE program and its teachers. I’m really grateful to be studying at PIE and meeting many native speakers and international students.