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Posted on November 10th, 2020 in Blog by Inna Kloer

I have been studying at PIE for a few sessions already. The first session was the most difficult for me. However, through teacher’s challenging classes, tutor’s help, and teacher’s office hours and willingness to work with me outside of class, I successfully completed my first session. After the first session my English had improved a lot, but I still had many things to learn. Because of the scholarship that PIE gave me I could continue classes. I persistently continued to work on and improve my English. I achieved my goals that I had established for myself: I improved my reading comprehension and speed, I became more confident in my grammar, my writing skills are much better, and my listening skills have been improved as well, and it happened because I got the amazing chance to study at PIE because of this scholarship. I would sincerely recommend you to do your best at PIE so that you would be able to match all of the requirements to apply for this scholarship. Do your best, study hard, take every single opportunity for extra studying, and you will achieve your goals with a great PIE team.

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Inna Kloer, PIE Student, Russia