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By Cesar Alenjandro Guillen

“Boarding for flight 436 to Miami will commence shortly.” My mother’s eyes well up with tears, while my father does his best to distract himself by re-organizing my paperwork for the English course I am set to attend. I look out at the vast airport window and marvel at the Venezuelan mountains I once called home, and at the land, I once hoped I could call my future. My excitement was then muddled with fear of the unknown, and a profound grief for the country I was leaving behind. My mind began to race, exploring the infinite possibilities that the future would bring.

Encouraged by the promise of excellence, I started my English studies in Boston, MA. There I enjoyed my first winder, met new friends, learned, and experienced the American culture. Nevertheless, the pandemic interrupted my spring break, and I was forced to move to Florida. After I had been living with my aunt for several months, my desire to embark on my own adventure made me chose the University of Dayton as my possible destiny to finish my English preparation. Moreover, the twist and turns of destiny forced me to leave the campus due to a corona outbreak. Moreover, my cousin and my aunt living in Indianapolis suggested me to continue my studies at IUPUI.

Encouraged by the promise of excellence, I have been giving the best since the day I came to America. A new adventure and the opportunity to experience the American dream made me choose PIE as the destiny to complete my formation. Since the day I started PIE I have met many teachers that have encouraged me to succeed and overcome every challenge. They have believed in us and given us the best every day in and out of the classroom. They are true mentors, people who are there to guide us through the process to achieve our professional realization. PIE is more than an incredible team of people who love what they do, they are a family.

Today, I feel genuinely thankful to all the individuals who have guided me and helped me to improve. Furthermore, I must say thank you because it has been a passionate journey.