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Posted on July 12th, 2021 by chall7

I had made a big decision in my life moving to the United States from South Korea for my husband. I had to start my life here with cold snowy weather in Indianapolis from zero, no family, friends and a job. I chose to take PIE classes as I didn’t have anything to do and wanted to improve my English skill, so I took Spring session 1 to 2 in 2021 as a full-time student. Now, I’m so grateful for PIE that they made here as a base of my American life.  

It was frustrating from the beginning. I did not think my English skill was being improved even though I tried to work hard, and I had to change my writing skill to academic writing which was totally opposite of what I used to do while I worked for 8 years in my country. However, all the teachers of PIE taught the details one by one and pushed me to go farther. Tutoring was another satisfactory method that I could fill my weakness out. Whenever I encountered difficulties with reading, speaking and even applying to graduate school, I saved them and asked tutoring teachers. As the tutoring is normally one-on-one, teachers provided extra materials based on my interests and major that I’m trying to study more to inspire me. As a consequence, my writing skill could be turned academically that I needed to start a new challenge for a master’s degree.  

Additionally, PIE gave me a sense of stability. I met so many friends from all over the world who moved here for different reasons and gave me their contact information to call them when I feel solitary. We shared the experiences of moving to the United States, and it made me feel I could also be a member of this society though I don’t speak perfect English.  

Overall, PIE helped me to perceive that the United States embraced me to stay here. While the weather of Indianapolis is getting warm and green, my frozen mind toward English and American life is melted by the warm heart of PIE. Yet my way to have faultless English skills is still far away, I will keep walking firmly since PIE strongly encouraged me to. 

Rina (pictured 2nd from left) was the recipient of the Extra Effort award during her time at PIE. She went above and beyond in and out of the classroom