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Posted on May 8th, 2020 in Blog by jch12

With the coronavirus pandemic requiring social distancing, PIE is presenting all of our classes online for our Summer 1 and Summer 2 Sessions (May, June, July, and August). We began teaching online with Zoom in March, in the second week of our Spring 2 Session. The teachers have worked hard to make the best use of Zoom along with the excellent course management system we use at PIE and Indiana University: Canvas. PIE teachers are highly skilled; each teacher has a Master’s Degree in teaching English to non-native speakers. The teachers are sharing ideas and collaborating so that all the lessons are as beneficial and creative as possible. 

“I couldn’t even expect that online classes would be so productive! It was easy to adapt!” – Inna Kloer, PIE Student, Russia

“Maybe add a positive quote from a student about the online setting?”

Students are meeting their teachers at the beginning of every class on Zoom, doing some work and activities together, and then completing projects and homework online. PIE students have shown great patience and flexibility in adjusting to this new way of learning. They are impressive in their dedication to learning English, and we are proud of them! 

Because we are presenting the same amount of material as we do in the classroom, students are able to progress through the levels as usual. Many of our students are just about ready to start university degree program in August! 

We hope that the current social distancing measures will be effective in combating the virus in the U.S. Will our Fall 1 Session be in person again? Let’s hope we can! We will have the answer to this question by the middle of June. 

You can apply now for Fall 1 or Fall 2 Sessions.