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Posted on November 10th, 2020 in Blog by Maitry Naik

The year 2020 is a really challenging and different year for everyone. No one could have imagined this crazy year we are going through. It has been a difficult year for me as well. Along with the difficulties of COVID-19 pandemic, many different things happened in my life. I have learned lots of new things throughout this year. Being an immigrant in US this year, it is quite difficult to settle down easily even though you have enough education and family to support you. I moved to the US from India by the end of year 2019 and I was just getting used to the cold weather when the pandemic hit. New to the country and totally different weather conditions than the country I grew up in for 24 years, COVID-19 made everything difficult for me. Even though I have a graduate degree in Electrical engineering, I could not find any job. The main reason behind not getting job is that every business is facing financial difficulties and they are firing employees because they cannot provide salary to them. In these situations, almost all companies have paused their hiring processes. The other reason behind not getting any job is that I didn’t have a driver’s license which is very important in this county to travel to different areas. Because of that I could not apply to the far locations for the job. These are some problems, but I have learned and achieved so many things throughout this year. I didn’t have a driver’s license, but now I learned to drive and after holding learners permit for 6 months, I have driver’s license now. As it is difficult to get any job this year, I decided to go to school to get a graduate degree in Electrical engineering again, that way I can brush up and advanced my knowledge in electrical engineering. But as an international student, it requires English proficiency proof. Unfortunately, I didn’t score high enough in TOFEL to get into graduate school, so I started taking English language classes at IUPUI. IUPUI has really good English language program which is called PIE. I started with level 6 and now I am at the end of level 7, which is the last level and required to get admission in graduate school. PIE has helped me improve my English a lot. Now I do not have any problems speaking English. I get a lot better in academic writing too. Now I am all set to start my graduate program in January 2021. Even though 2020 was challenging and difficult, with lots of ups and downs, I have achieved a lot during this year which will be very helpful to me in the future and I want to remember 2020 for those achievements.