Liberal Arts Works

What is “liberal arts” anyway?

The “liberal” in “liberal arts” doesn’t refer to politics or ideology. It comes from the Latin word liber, which means “free” or “unrestricted.” The Latin phrase liberales artes refers to training of the mind that’s appropriate for a free person.

What you learn in liberal arts teaches you to think freely and helps you become the person you want to be.

At least 80% of employers say these skills are very important—and you’ll develop them here

Oral communication
Written communication
Critical/analytical thinking
Working effectively with others in teams
Ethical judgment and decision making
Applying knowledge/skills to the real world

Source: Hart Research Associates for the Association of American Colleges and Universities

Timeless skills that cross over to any career

Our programs teach you specific knowledge and skills in your area of interest, but they also help you develop abilities you can use in any career.

You’ll use your liberal arts expertise in your first job. Your last job. And every job in between. (And if you’re like most of today’s college grads, you’ll have lots of jobs in between.) That makes a liberal arts education very practical—and it makes you very valuable.

More liberal arts skills that will help you innovate and lead

Problem solving
Global awareness
Interpersonal skills
Understanding other cultures
Seeing different viewpoints
Researching and interpreting information

Liberal arts complements any field of study

Scientists and engineers need to communicate complex ideas. Businesspeople need to understand international markets. Public officials need to translate research into policy.

Liberal arts grads have become hot commodities in Silicon Valley—because technical abilities only go so far, and the best products and services are infused with an understanding of people, culture, and the world.

It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—that it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.

Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple

Become a better person

Studying liberal arts teaches you a lot about yourself. You’ll discover what you value. What inspires you. You’ll cultivate a sense of curiosity that will fuel a lifetime of explorations. You’ll have all the tools to become the best person you can be.

Make a difference

Your liberal arts education will empower you to do good in the world. By learning to understand other cultures, to view issues and ideas from many perspectives, and to work with people from different places and backgrounds, you’ll become a more informed citizen who can help people and generate change.

More evidence in favor of a liberal arts education

91%of employers value job candidates’ ability to communicate, think critically, and solve problems more than their major (Hart Research Associates)

92%of our 2016 graduates reported positive career outcomes (IUPUI First Destination Survey)

55%of professional leaders in 30 countries hold a social sciences or humanities degree (British Council)

4job changes in your first 10 years after college is common (LinkedIn)

Put liberal arts to work for you