Adam Hayden Philosophy Scholarship

Adam Hayden Philosophy Scholarship


Adam Hayden aimed to cultivate professional interest in philosophy. Adam hoped that students find their own lives enriched by the study of philosophy, event when those skills are put in service of seeing their way through personal struggle, as Adam has done. The Adam Hayden Philosophy Scholarship supports undergraduate and/or graduate students enrolled in the Department of Philosophy at the School of Liberal Arts who demonstrate academic excellence in philosophy.

Selection Criteria

Recipients will be pursuing a degree in philosophy. A GPA greater or equal to 3.5 out of a 4.0 scale is required. Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate their aim to cultivate professional interest in the discipline of Philosophy. The department bases its selection on superior scholastic achievement, faculty recommendations, and active engagement with the Department of Philosophy.

How to Apply

No student application needed. Faculty nominate and select the recipient.

Nominated students will receive an email notification requesting additional information is completed utilizing the One.IU scholarship management system.