Hal Tobin First-Year Writing Award

Hal Tobin First-Year Writing Award


Hal Tobin was an associate faculty member for the Department of English who was beloved by his students and an effective instructor with a great deal of experience in the classroom. Professor Joseph Weaver is recognizing Professor Hal Tobin and the academic achievement that occurs in introductory writing courses through creating the Hal Tobin First Year Writing Scholarship at IUPUI. Professor Weaver has taught introductory composition courses for more than a decade at IUPUI.

Selection Criteria

This scholarship supports undergraduate students who submit the best essay written in an introductory composition course (W131 or W140) within the Department of English. An honorable mention may also be selected for the scholarship. Students may submit two (2) essays. Students may revise and edit their work before submitting it. Please do not put your name on any submitted manuscript.

How to Apply

Visit our scholarship application website to apply for this scholarship and others.

Visit our scholarship application website