William Schneider Student Essay Award in Medical Humanities

William Schneider Student Essay Award in Medical Humanities


The William Schneider Student Essay Award is sponsored by Medical Humanities and Health Studies. The award recognizes the work of students in understanding health and medicine from the broader perspective of the humanities and social sciences.

Selection Criteria

Eligible essays are papers written for a course taken at the IUPUI campus on a topic that utilizes the perspectives of the humanities or social sciences (i.e., economic, ethical/philosophical, legal, social, historical) to gain a broader understanding of medicine and healthcare. Both undergraduate and graduate course papers can be submitted for this competition.

Note: Graduate theses and dissertations are not eligible for this award.


Only one (1) submission is accepted per student that must follow the Essay Submission Requirements as outlined below. Please upload your paper submission first and the cover page second in the scholarship application system. The paper should only have the title and page numbers. All other identifying information should be on the cover page only.

Essay Submission Requirements*:

  • Papers must be of high quality, earning an A+, A, or A- grade in a 200-level or higher course taken at IUPUI within the preceding 18 months
  • Minimum page length: 5 double-spaced pages, excluding cover page and references
  • Single-author papers only (no group or shared-credit papers)
  • Create a cover page that includes the following information:
    • Paper title
    • Course for which it was written, e.g., HIST-H 364 History of Medicine & Public Health
    • Student (author) Name, E-mail address, and academic level at time paper was written
    • Instructor Name
    • Date of submission for grade
    • Excluding the cover sheet, the paper must have page numbers and a running title, but NO OTHER identifying information.

*Entries not complying with the above requirements cannot be considered for this award.

How to Apply

Visit our scholarship application website to apply for this scholarship. You must meet the eligibility requirements.

Visit our scholarship application website