Writing Studies Project Award

Writing Studies Project Award


The Writing Studies Award recognizes an outstanding project created for a Professional and Public Writing course that addresses a topic from writing studies or a related field such as rhetoric, composition, or literacy studies. Topics addressed in these projects might include, but are not limited to research on writing practices, analyses of non-fiction prose, approaches to teaching writing, and literacy narratives.

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be assessed using the following criteria.

  • How well does the project:
    • Engage with a writing studies topic?
    • Situate the topic for the reader?
    • Articulate a student’s point of view?
    • Participate in the “discussion” surrounding a topic?

Although it is not required, special consideration will be given to projects that attempt to break new ground or introduce a new perspective to the field of writing studies.


Projects do not need to be in a traditional, prose essay format. We welcome a range of media including videos, web pages, podcasts, or any other medium that allows the student to engage with a writing studies topic.

The writer’s name should not appear in the project or in the file name. Please include the number and title of the course in which the project was originally submitted (e.g. W397: Writing center theory and practice).


Projects must be taken from one of the following courses:

  • ENG-W210
  • ENG-W230
  • ENG-W231
  • ENG-W270
  • ENG-W 262
  • ENG-W 310
  • ENG-W 313
  • ENG-W 315
  • ENG-W 318
  • ENG-W 331
  • ENG-W 365
  • ENG-W 366
  • ENG-W 377
  • ENG-W 390
  • ENG-W 397
  • ENG-W 400
  • ENG-W 412
  • ENG-W 426
  • ENG-Z 204

Projects composed for W131 or W140 should be submitted to the Hal Tobin Award.

Projects composed for G130 or G131 should be submitted to the EAP G130 and G131 awards, respectively. 

Projects submitted for the Writing Studies Project Award are not eligible for the Essay in English Award.

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