School Sabbatical Deadlines

Please review the IU Policy Statement on Sabbatical Leaves carefully; it can be found at this link:

The Sabbatical Leave Application Portfolio can also be found at the above link. (NOTE: If you have trouble opening the portfolio, you may have to download and save the application portfolio to your computer first and then open it from your computer instead of the website.)

The School has received permission to share successful applications from some previous recipients of sabbatical leaves. If you would like to have access to these applications, please contact Academic and Operations Manager Flo Ngala.   


These are the deadlines for the School and Campus; applications that do not meet these deadlines may be deferred until next year!!

(1)  Inform Chair of Intent (end of September-specific dates sent each year)

BEFORE this date, inform your chair of your intent to apply for a sabbatical leave. By this date, provide your chair with a working draft of your proposal. Your sabbatical application requires a letter of support from your chair, and chairs need a minimum of at least a week to write it. The chair's letter has to address any schedule adjustments or expenditures necessary to accommodate a sabbatical leave request, as well as the expected use of your office space while you are on leave. (The general expectation is that faculty will not be on campus during a sabbatical leave, and office spaces can be used to house other faculty in short-term appointments. Justification for remaining in your office during a sabbatical leave will need to be provided.)


(2)Submit Full Preliminary Draft of Application Portfolio (mid-October-specific dates sent each year)

School policy requires that faculty planning to submit an application for Sabbatical Leave for the next academic year be submit electronically to Flo Ngala at a time sent each year, usually falling in mid-October, a full PRELIMINARY draft of the Sabbatical Leave Portfolio. On this date, the Dean's Office is required to forward names of faculty who intend to apply for a leave to Faculty Appointments and Advancement; the portfolio application will be your statement of intent. Sabbatical leave requests submitted after this date will not be considered! The sabbatical leave application portfolio will be forwarded to the SLA Research Advisory Committee; this committee will evaluate submissions and will provide feedback and recommendations for strengthening the application.


(3)Submit FINAL Application Portfolio - (early November -specific dates will be sent)

FINAL application portfolios addressing all feedback from the SLA Research Advisory Committee must be turned in electronically to Flo Ngala in early November. FINAL applications received after this date will not be accepted unless the Dean requests special consideration and documents extenuating circumstances. Completed applications must have the school Dean's approval before they are submitted to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for review at the campus level.