Informational Flyers

Informational Flyers

Informational flyers may be hung on the slat wall displays available within the IU School of Liberal Arts and Cavanaugh Hall in the 2nd and 3rd floor lobbies and on the 4th floor outside the Dean’s Office. Refer to the information on this page to learn more about posting a flyer to the slat walls.

Flyer Content

Slat wall displays provide opportunities to display flyers promoting topics such as:

  • upcoming events or activities sponsored by a Liberal Arts department, program, center, or student organization (dated items)
  • course descriptions for a future semester (dated items)
  • ongoing activities sponsored by a Liberal Arts department, program, center, or student organization
  • select IUPUI campus announcements

Flyer Design

Design Considerations:

Design your flyer using programs such as Canva or Microsoft Word or Publisher. A plain white flyer will receive far fewer glances than one with graphics, color, and visual appeal. Be creative!

Be sure to include pertinent information such as the title of the event/activity, the date and time, location, sponsor/organizer, and contact information for follow-up or questions.

Use proper spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Refer to the IU Editorial Style Guide for guidance.

Liberal Arts faculty or staff that require additional assistance with flyer design should contact the Administrative Support Team.

Size Options:

  • 8.5 x 11" plexiglass display sleeve (single copy; portrait or landscape orientation)
  • 11 x 17” plexiglass display sleeve (single copy; portrait orientation)
  • 8.5 x 11” plexiglass display pocket (multiple copies for people to take; portrait orientation)

File Format: PDF

Posting Requests

Liberal Arts faculty, students, and staff should drop off three copies of your flyer(s) to the Dean’s Office in CA 441 or email them to with your request to post.

Note: If you also wish to post your information to the digital monitors in Cavanaugh Hall, please follow the process for Digital Signage.


  • If there is space available, your flyer typically will be posted within two business days (M – F). If there is no space available, your flyer will be posted as soon as an opening becomes available.
  • Event announcements may be hung up for no more than two weeks prior to the event. Once the date of the event is passed, the Dean’s Office will remove the sleeve and recycle the flyers.
  • Course promotions will be rotated out every other Friday to give equal exposure to multiple interests. Departments may wish to cluster course promotions on a single sheet to maximize exposure.


  • The IU School of Liberal Arts has the right to review, approve, and reject content if deemed inappropriate. Submissions are accepted and posted at the discretion of the Dean’s Office. Flyer content must not:
    • violate IU policy.
    • include any inappropriate language or images.
    • create a conflict of interest with the IU School of Liberal Arts.
  • Dean’s Office postings take priority. Other flyers are posted first come, first served.
  • The IU School of Liberal Arts may ask to limit the number of postings running from a single department, program, center, or student organization at a given time. Submitters are encouraged to consolidate multiple events into a single flyer whenever possible.
  • Posting flyers on unapproved spaces, such as building walls or floors, bathroom stall doors, common area doors, waste bins, windows/window glass, and so on, is prohibited. These flyers will be removed immediately without notice to the organizer.

Questions or requests for guidance regarding how to use the slat wall displays can be directed to the Dean’s Office.