“Thank you Mestre luri Hart Santos for this outstanding cultural experience,” said Latosha Rowley, a fall 2023 Capoeira Workshop participant. “I learned that Capoeira is Afro-Brazilian cultural martial arts that was outlawed at one time to make revolt of those who were enslaved more difficult. Those who were enslaved used this art form for self-defense but also cultural expression. I learned about the history of the Brazilian people and way of life.”

“The exercising was challenging, but I was reassured that it takes some time to master the art form. The dance fighting was beautiful poetry in motion with strength and grace demonstrated. I had a chance to play a few instruments like the tambourine, called pandeiro, an instrument that was like hand drum that helps you keep the heartbeat of the sound for the movements. I learned how to hold my hands to maintain a certain energy and flow of the sounds for Capoeira.”

“We sang Brazilian songs and I quickly learned that it is difficult to sing a song in a different language and keep the correct beat with the instrument. I learned that I need more practice, therefore, I look forward to continuing my Capoeira learning during the Spring semester.”

Another fall 2023 workshop participant, Zharia Hasan Bey shared, “The elements that made Capoeira a great experience were the authenticity of the instructor and the music that was played. This allowed me to expand my worldview on a few things, including the experience that the instructor had shared with us and stories of the location where he was from.”

“This experience made me think differently about how different cultures are perceived and made me realize that there is so much more out there in the world than just the bubble I live in. I would 100% recommend this workshop to others who are willing to try something new and experience something very different and cool!”

Upcoming workshops

The spring 2024 Capoeira Workshop with Mestre Iuri Santos will begin in February and take place in the Education and Social Work building (ES1125) on campus. Faculty, staff, and students interested can participate by contacting Dr. Les Etienne at lketienn@iu.edu.