Ten School of Liberal Arts students recognized as Top 100

INDIANAPOLIS-The Office of Alumni Relations honors IUPUI’s Top 100 students for excellence as the top juniors and seniors for the 2022-2023 academic year. IUPUI’s Top 100 students show strength in scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities, and civic/community service.

The IU School of Liberal Arts is excited to congratulate four students who have been named to the 2023 Top 100 list. Also, honored, are six students who have secondary majors in the School of Liberal Arts.

“I am so proud of our outstanding Liberal Arts students recognized this year and it is especially gratifying to see that 10% of the Top 100 list have chosen a liberal arts field of study,” said Tami Eitle, Dean of the IU School of Liberal Arts. “On behalf of the faculty and staff of the school, we honor their well-deserved achievement.”

The IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations, sponsors of the IUPUI Top 100, annually honors 100 outstanding juniors and seniors on the IUPUI campus for demonstrated excellence in academic performance, campus leadership, and community engagement. A panel of alumni, faculty, and staff selects the honorees based on nominations by IUPUI faculty and staff.

These exceptional 10 students were among those honored at the Top 100 Recognition Ceremony last week at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown.

The campus’s Top 10 and IUPUI’s Most Outstanding Student were announced during the reception.

Congratulations to the following Liberal Arts Jags:

Felix Ashley-Yazell, Sociology
Kimberly Batten, Political Science
Oriana Fuenmayor, Global & International Studies
Ava Ward, Global Studies

Students with Liberal Arts as secondary major:

Melissa Thomas, Community Health, English
Jaideep Kakar, Finance, Economics
Kiera Sloan, Marketing, International Business, Spanish
Zhen Hong Tan, Electrical Engineering, Economics Quantitative
Michael Fletcher, Biology, Neuroscience, Medical Humanities & Health Studies
Alex Stocker, Psychology, English