Events Calendar

Events Calendar

The IU School of Liberal Arts Calendar is a repository of events that appeal to Liberal Arts students, alumni, donors, faculty, families, staff, and the public.

If you have requested Event Planning and Promotion support from the Administrative Shared Services Team, adding your event to the Liberal Arts Calendar is part of that process. To request event planning and/or promotion support, please use the SLA Events Form.

If you are planning an event that does not require support from the Administrative Shared Services Team but you want it displayed on the School’s Events Calendar, please submit the Events Calendar Form.

Fields available in the Events Calendar, powered by LiveWhale, include:

  • Title
  • Event date(s) and time(s)
  • Image (optional but highly encouraged)
  • Summary (A short description about your event)
  • Event location
  • Event details (A longer description with the details of your event)
  • Contact information to receive questions about your event
  • Event Type (all that apply)
    • Art and museum exhibitions
    • Career development
    • Culture and languages
    • Functions, festivals, and celebrations
    • Health and wellness
    • Lectures, talks, seminars, and conferences
    • Performances, shows, and films
    • Sporting events
    • Student-run
    • Training, non-credit classes, and learning opportunities
    • Volunteer and fundraising opportunities
  • Audience (all that apply)
    • Students
    • Alumni
    • Donors
    • Faculty
    • Families
    • Staff
    • Public
  • Registration link
  • Event cost
  • Related content (A link to another event, file, or web address)
  • Tags (keywords about your event)
  • Sharing: The School can ask other IU groups that also have LiveWhale calendars to display your event on their calendars. They may accept or reject the request.

Note: While the Calendar offers an RSVP function, it is recommended to handle event registrations via a Registration Link.

If you have questions, please contact Loretta Good, executive director of communications & strategic operations.