Bulletin Board Guidelines

Bulletin Board Guidelines

Cavanaugh Hall bulletin boards are intended for student engagement, promotion, research data, announcements, and other materials related to your department, program, or center. Below are best practices and content ideas to help you as you display information about your unit.

Best practices

  • Update bulletin board content at least once per academic year
  • Appeal to our primary audiences: current and prospective students
  • Align with the Indiana University Indianapolis brand and the IU School of Liberal Arts brand guidelines
  • Use professionally designed and/or printed materials whenever possible (e.g., event flyers, student research posters, academic association promotion materials)
  • Make content easily readable (as much as possible)
  • Include QR codes and website URLs to drive people to more information on your department/program/center website
  • Add display pockets for handouts (optional)
  • Review content regularly and remove outdated flyers and promotions

Content ideas

  • Promote your website to raise awareness for your department or program
  • Showcase coursework or research projects, especially those that demonstrate the types of learning experiences in our School and student success
  • Celebrate the achievements of students or faculty (e.g., awards)
  • Promote upcoming courses or events
  • Promote university/school-sponsored organizations, including their events and how to join

Note: If you wish to display information School-wide, please refer to the guidelines for Digital Signage and Informational Flyers.

If you have questions, please contact Loretta Good, executive director of communications & strategic operations.